My therapy dog

I knew shortly after I brought Bailey home in February that I wanted to train him to be a therapy dog when he gets older.  What I didn't know was that six weeks later I'd be having emergency eye surgery that would really take it's toll on me.  Despite all the abrupt changes in our schedule, and the sudden addition of "grandma" who stayed with us for two weeks to take care of me, Bailey has been remarkably resilient. 

While our play time isn't as vigorous now as it was during the weeks before surgery, our snuggle time continues to be a high point of our days.  Nothing relaxes me like having Bailey lay quietly with me, watching tv and/or thinking about whatever it is that puppies think about.  Having him fall asleep in my lap is equally adorable, even though he snores like a tiny freight train.

It's interesting how God brings us what we need, even before we know we need it.  I never thought that I'd be Bailey's first "patient".  When it comes to therapy dogs, he's a natural.